Need some help with your accounts, but don't want to engage the services of a bookkeeper on a regular basis? Has your accountant pushed back your accounts with issues that need resolving? My consultancy service has got you covered for that.


If you're looking for infrequent help with your books to make sure that you're on track, for example, when you approach quarter- or year-end, then my consultancy services are designed for you.

​Engaging me as your bookkeeping consultant could cover the following:

  • Checking over your accounts to make sure everything is accounted for, and done correctly

  • Making necessary changes and giving feedback (if requested) on ways in which the processing of your accounts could be improved

  • Taking referrals from your accountant if they feel more work is needed and they are unable to offer the appropriate bookkeeping service required to bring your accounts up to scratch 

  • Carrying out personalised software training sessions with you, for QuickBooks or Xero, which will help improve the processing of your accounts

  • Helping you out with minor issues, such as your bank account not reconciling or recording foreign currency payments - these little problems can be  frustrating but just may need a fresh pair of eyes 

Hours & Fees


The hours that I require to spend on reviewing and amending your accounts will depend on how many issues need resolving. I allocate 2 hours for the initial review of a set of accounts, and if more work is necessary I will contact you with an estimate of the additional hours that are required.


I charge a fixed fee of £100, paid upfront, for reviewing and making the appropriate adjustments to your accounts. If more work is required, an additional fee will be agreed with you before I proceed. I charge differently for my consultancy services because the work is time-pressured, and it's much harder to dip in and out of someone's accounts rather than maintain them on a regular basis. 


A note about consultancy

When I am reviewing your accounts, I should be able to identify the major issues that need resolving before your accountant is able to prepare your year-end accounts. If they referred you to me, it's likely that they will have given me an idea of the issues, but you should also mention any areas of concern that you have when you decide to engage me.

I cannot and do not guarantee to pick up everything that may be an issue in your accounts - that is impossible unless I have complete involvement with a set of accounts over a long period of time. My role as your consultant is limited to resolving the issues that are preventing your accountant from completing the year-end accounts, or to the scope of work you identify when we speak.