Spring Journal

Spring, in the words of its authors, is a book about life, work and wellbeing for freelancers, small businesses, doers and dreamers.

I’ve never been one for journalling. I kept a diary when I was a kid but nothing since then. Honestly, it’s not something I ever really thought about until I started working for Andrew and Fiona at Wordscape (who publish Ethos mag who publish Spring. Do try and keep up). It came up in discussion a number of times, and then they decided to publish their own version. Spring is the result. I wasn’t involved in the production and publication of Spring but I was there on their journey, and what a result.

I love Spring. It’s not a self-help book, it’s a guide by two very experienced freelancers. It is also a journal, which if that’s your thing then you will love. But I love the writing and hearing about the things that have gone both wrong and right for Fiona and Andrew and their learnings and observations as a result.

The book is split into nine themes – Health & Wellbeing, Purpose, Fear, Focus and Flow, Progress, Hobbies and Side Projects, Collaboration, Reflection and Money. Each theme has a Q&A with someone in the industry invested in that particular theme, some words from either Andrew or Fiona and some reflective thoughts and questions. The back part of the book is the journal, and tools and resources. So you can dip in and out of whatever may be relevant to you at the time of picking up, or you can do what I do and read it from cover to cover on a long train journey. The authors have been incredibly honest about their experiences, some of which will make you wince, others will make you howl as some passengers on the Gatwick Express discovered.

I had some involvement with the Money section. Because of Making Tax Digital, everyone will need some accountancy software so tax returns can be filed online, and it was pleasing to see that both Fiona and Andrew considered having a bookkeeper was valuable to an organisation, even for a couple of hours a month.

In addition, the book is beautifully produced with fabulous photos and is very reader-friendly however you decide to work your way through it.

I’m not being encouraged or paid to write this, I just happen to think it’s a great book. If this has piqued your interest too, you can buy a copy through the Ethos shop for a mere £15. And they ship worldwide.

Photos taken from the Ethos shop website with permission, copyright Ethos Publishing